HAL Previous Year Question Papers Download Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Old Questions Answer Key Sample Papers www.hal-india.com

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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited HAL Previous Year Question Paper Free Download www.hal-india.com HAL Model Questions Sample papers 

HAL Previous Year Question Papers Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Old Questions Answer KeyHindustan Aeronautics Limited Previous Year question paper free downloads Last year Old question paper Model Questions for HAL RECRUITMENT Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Candidates who are going to attend Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Latest Recruitment Can download HAL RECRUITMENT previous year Question paper, HAL RECRUITMENT Previous year Sample paper, HAL RECRUITMENT Model question paper for absolutely free. Download Hindustan Aeronautics Limited last Year Question paper for free. Free download online Question paper for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Previous Year Question paper free downloads Online. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited sample question paper Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Model Question paper free download Candidates can easily find and download previous year Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Question paper Available on Internet You may also check Hindustan Aeronautics Limited official website: http://www.www.hal-india.com for further Assistance

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Previous Year Sample Question paper free download Hal Interview Questions Sample Papers
Candidates who are participating on Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Latest recruitment and want to know about question pattern , Syllabus and last five or ten year Model question pattern for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited should check this st and also must download previous year question paper of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited which we have listed bellow .

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Previous Year Question Paper Free Download Link

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Official Website: http://www.www.hal-india.com


HAL India Sample Questions 

1. what is used for heat dissipation in ICs
2. for an amplifier, given IC(dc) and IC(ac)(p) for a 1k load calculate avg dc power dissipated.
3. given hfe calculate hfc.
4. given ICBO,ICO and α calc ICEO.
5. for common collector configuration o/p current is IE/IC/IB/..
6. which configuration amongst CC/CE/CB gives no current gain.
7. SiC is which group compound
8. pipelining is implemented in RISC/CISC/…
9. given transmitted power and modulation % for AM calc avg sideband power.
10. spectrum of sinewave contains how many components.
11. which of the following signals supports snoopy cache protocol arbitration signal/cache support
12. for an n-bit multiplicand and multiplier the booth,s algorithm generates how many bit product.
13. which window achieves smaller sidelobe width at the cost of greater mainlobe twidth
14. a highpass RC filter behaves as pure differentiator when ωτ<<1/ωτ>>1/…
15. what is the lowest atomic concentration that can be measured using SIMS boron concentration
16. what type of bond is present in Si and Ge.
17. dynamic characteristics of capacitive transducers are similar when used as HPF/LPF/…
18. what is used as switching element in SMPS at 20-100 kHz UJT/thyristor/triac/MOSFET.
19. how can CMRR be increased-by increasing source resistance/emitter resistance/collector
20. avg value of a HWR current signal of peak value Im.
21. given 3 dB bandwidth and resonance freq of an RLC ckt calc its Q.
22. how many tokens are present in C- 0/1/2/3.
23. for a stretch of code as int a;a=5/2; what will be the value stored in a.
24. what does the statement volatile int a mean in C.
25. ASCII code of Z.
26. for a stretch of code as char a =252;a=a+5; what is the value stored in a.
27. one problem on binary to hexadecimal conversion.
28. 212 address lines address how much memory.
29. 220 address lines address how much memory 2G/2M/…
30. another name for single transfer mode in direct transfer.
31. what signal used for DMA in 8085.
32. sequence of instruction cycles for PUSH B.
33. what are the various steps in one machine cycle of 8085.
34. response time of PIN diode.
35. range of current signal in RS232 serial transfer mode.

Download HAL INDIA All Questions PDF Bellow 

Download HAL Last 5 Years Question Answer 

Hal Previous Papers Name Download Link 
Download HAL – Analytical Ability Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Dental Hygienist Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Fitter Click Here to Download
Download HAL – General Awareness Click Here to Download
Download HAL – MLT Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Moulder Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Operation Theatre Technician Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Pharmacist Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Physiotherapist Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Staff Nurse Click Here to Download
Download HAL – Verbal Ability Click Here to Download


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