Telangana Police Previous Year Question Papers तेलंगाना पुलिस Old Questions Download

By | March 5, 2018

Telangana Police previous Year Question Papersतेलंगाना पुलिस Telangana Police Previous Year Question Paper Free Download Telangana Police Model Questions Sample papers 

तेलंगाना पुलिस Previous Year question paper free downloads Last year Old question paper Model Questions for Telangana Police RECRUITMENT तेलंगाना पुलिस. Candidates who are going to attend तेलंगाना पुलिस Latest Recruitment Can download Telangana Police RECRUITMENT previous year Question paper, Telangana Police RECRUITMENT Previous year Sample paper, Telangana Police RECRUITMENT Model question paper for absolutely free. Download तेलंगाना पुलिस last Year Question paper for free. Free download online Question paper for तेलंगाना पुलिस.

तेलंगाना पुलिस Previous Year Question paper free downloads Online. तेलंगाना पुलिस sample question paper तेलंगाना पुलिस Model Question paper free download Candidates can easily find and download previous year तेलंगाना पुलिस Question paper Available on Internet You may also check तेलंगाना पुलिस official website: for further Assistance

तेलंगाना पुलिस Previous Year Sample Question paper free download
Candidates who are participating on तेलंगाना पुलिस Latest recruitment and want to know about question pattern , Syllabus and last five or ten year Model question pattern for तेलंगाना पुलिस should check this st and also must download previous year question paper of तेलंगाना पुलिस which we have listed bellow .

तेलंगाना पुलिस Previous Year Question Paper Free Download Link

तेलंगाना पुलिस Official Website:

Telangana Police Old Questions Sample/Questions :

Q no-1 : A bank is giving loans at the rate of 10% simple interest. Kumar asked for a loan at 8%. After verification, the bank sanctioned his loan at the rate he asked as the bank is getting an interest twice as much as it gets on Rs. 40,00,000/- at the rate of 10%. What amount did Kumar take ? (in lakhs of rupees)

(1) 100 (2) 90 (3) 200 (4) 180

Q no-2 : The ratio of the ages of Ramu and Gopi three years ago was 4 : 3 and two years later it will be 5 : 4. The sum of their present ages is

(1) 41 (2) 43 (3) 45 (4) 48

Q no-3 : Three containers have their volumes in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. The containers are filled with the mixture of milk and water. The containers have milk and water in the ratio 4 : 1, 3 : 1 and 5 : 2 respectively. The contents of these three mixtures are poured into a fourth container. The ratio of milk and water in the fourth container is

(1) 4 : 1 (2) 151 : 48 (3) 157 : 53 (4) 5 : 3

Q no-4 : If three numbers are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5 such that the sum of their cubes is 1728, then the cube of the middle number is

(1) 216 (2) 512 (3) 256 (4) 128

Q no-5 : 6 labourers can build a wall in 10 days. How many labourers of double the efficiency are needed to build 3 such walls in 5 days ?

(1) 36 (2) 18 (3) 20 (4) 16

Q no-6 : There are 100 students in a class. Number of boys is 10 more than the number of girls. The average weight of boys is 50 kg and average weight of the whole class is 45.5 kg. The average weight of girls is (in kg)

(1) 40 (2) 45 (3) 50 (4) 52

Q no-7 : A library has an average of 510 visitors on Sundays and 240 on other days. The average number of visitors per day in a month of 30 days beginning with a Saturday is

(1) 250 (2) 276 (3) 280 (4) 285

Q no-8 : An owner increases the rent of his house by 5% at the end of each year. If the current rent is Rs. 3000 per month, what will be the rent, in rupees, after 2 years ?

(1) 3300 (2) 3150 (3) 3307.50 (4) 3207.50

Q no-9 : The difference of two numbers is 1660. If 7.5% of one number is equal to 12.5% of the other number, then the two numbers are

(1) 2490, 4150 (2) 2510, 4170 (3) 2600, 4260 (4) 2700, 4360

Q no-10 : . In a group of people 72% drink coffee, 44% drink tea. If each person drinks coffee or tea and if there are 40 persons who drink both then the number of people in the group is

(1) 250 (2) 200 (3) 300 (4) 450

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Download तेलंगाना पुलिस previous year Question Telangana Police Last 10 Years Question with Solution / Answer Key 

तेलंगाना पुलिस Previous Year Questions . Well, the answer is simple, to be aware about the pattern of Telangana Police the question and syllabus for the examination. We always try to give you the best opportunity to make a massive performance to your examination. That’s why we provide you all the necessary study materials and Question pattern for any examination held by any organization.
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